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HomeProductsInstallationRentals & ServicesContact UsCatalogNews & Bloggs

Copyright 2009 AccuPro: AV Equipment Rental. All Rights Reserved.
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The latest technology in AV equipment rental and purchase
The latest technology in AV equipment rental and purchase
The latest technology in AV equipment rental and purchase
The latest technology in AV equipment rental and purchase
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New technology

Projector Resolution and Aspect Ratio

by Dan Anderson on 08/01/12


Resolution and Aspect Ratio Review

Here is a guide for the newer resolutions for projectors and screens. It seems every year the manufacturers step it up another notch to higher quality graphics.

Some manufacturers are offering special projectors that made to fill a particular resolution. An example is Digital Projections, they provide a precision display for every venue is illustrated below in this streamlined guide to key resolutions and aspects ratios:

1280 x 720 (720p - 16 x 9 or 1.78:1): Great for High Definition Video applications. Particularly well suited for distance viewing such as in Houses of Worship or auditoriums. Projector Series: iVision, TITAN

1280 X 800 (WXGA – 16 x 10 or 1.6:1): Great for multiple computer users, plus well suited for distance viewing such as Houses of Worship or auditoriums. Projector Series: E-Vision They have a 7000 lumen projector starting at $5995

1400 x 1050 (SXGA+ - 4 x 3 or 1.33:1): Predominantly a computer resolution. Best suited for boardroom, conference room usage and anywhere presentations are made. Also excellent for edge-blending as the 4 x 3 aspect ratio maximizes image height. Projector Series: iVision, dVision, TITAN & LIGHTNING

1920 X 1080 (1080p - 16 x 9 or 1.78:1): The benchmark for full 1080 high definition displays. Standard resolution and aspect ratio for most applications. Projector Series: iVision dVision, M-Vision, HIGHlite, TITAN & LIGHTNING

1920 x 1200 (WUXGA - 16 x 10 or 1.6:1): Outstanding for applications where both computer and 1080p sources will be displayed, as well as video editing where extra pixels allow for viewing the operating system’s taskbar without blocking video. Projector Series: iVision, dVision, TITAN & LIGHTNING

2560 x 1600 (WQXGA - 16 x 10 or 1.6:1): New, ultra-high resolution for projectors. Extraordinary resolution for visualization, command & control and even elite home cinema Courtesy of Digital Projection International

New Technology Could Replace HDMI With Ethernet Cables

by Dan Anderson on 07/19/12

New Technology Could Replace HDMI With Ethernet Cables

Chris Brandrick, PC World HDMI's days numbered? They might be if a new a new audio/video (A/V) cable standard developed by four tech companies catches on.

The newly finalized cable technology, known as HDBaseT, transfers audio and video signals over ordinary RJ-45 ethernet cables. It's the result of an effort that started a little over six months ago by LG, Samsung, Sony Pictures Entertainment, and Valens Semiconductor,

Goodbye, HDMI

The venerable HDMI cable was first produced back in 2003, and the rise of Blu-ray and the growing popularity of HDTV fueled its adoption.

While HDMI has several advantages to other sorts of A/V cables, it isn't without its problems. The technology often suffers from switching delays and is known for its limitations when it comes to cable length--problems that HDBaseT could solve.

The Benefits of HDBaseT

HDBaseT will be able to deliver full-HD video, audio, Web connectivity, and power over one cable simultaneously. a HDMI cable can be no more than a few meters in length, HDBaseT supports cables up to 100 meters long. The new cable spec can also carry 100 watts of power via the cable.

But what do all these promising advantages really mean? The back of any TV is usually an unsightly mess of cables. If this specification proves popular, it'll mean fewer cables. A single cable would not only power your television, but it could also send in all your data--sound, visuals, and more. Replacing multiple cables with just one is a welcome change.

When Will It Become Commonplace?

The HDMI cable isn't dead just yet, but the HDBaseT alliance hopes that devices supporting the new standard will ship later this year, with the new cable becoming more widely adopted during 2011. Whether this desire will become a reality remains to be seen, especially since an updated HDMI specification is expected in the not-too-distant future.

You can find more information--including this comparison table (PDF)--on the HDBaseT Website.

Would you like to see one cable to rule them all? Let us know in the comments.

3D Meetings .....Our future?

by Dan Anderson on 06/22/11

3D is all the rage nowadays when it comes to televisions, movies, computer monitors and video games. Heck even some projectors are starting to transition into 3D. However, while 3D is primarily rooted in the entertainment industry, it appears that it may very well reach its fingers into the event meeting services industry as well, and maybe even soon. Read all about it on

Wedding Experience Video

by Dan Anderson on 05/27/11

Accupro Audio Video recently video taped the Wedding Experience of Columbus held at the Oakhurst Country Club. sponsored the event.   There were many vendors exhibiting fancy carvings done on watermellons,  and other fruits, special centerpieces, DJs, photographers, videographers,  stationary, linens, specialty chocolate bar, florists, caterers, and more.   See our coverage on the Oakhurst Country Club. Its on our website: see the videography page.  Accupro offers videography of weddings and special effects.


Sony unveils a break through chipset

by Dan Anderson on 11/02/10

Sony is now releasing a new still camera and a new video camcorder that use a new chipset that is super high quality.

The chip is bigger much bigger 19 times larger than a standard camcorder.  This will yield  clearer brighter more vibrant colors as well as operating at lower light with less noise.  The still and video cameras use the same chip.   So both can shoot high def videos and 14-16 meg pictures.  The video should outperform comparable industrial camcorders and all of these new cameras have interchangable lenses.   Sony has come up with a winning combination.

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